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Deadlines and Completions

Jun. 12th, 2007 | 12:40 am
mood: curiousmissing time
posted by: milkshake_b in whackapetrelli

That wooshing sound you may have just heard was the sound of our latest deadline passing by, at least as far as everybody east of Illinois is concerned. Since even your mod is going, "Wait, it's June 11th? ...where did June first through tenth go?", this means there'll be a free-round of extensions for everybody! Our new deadline is next Monday, the 18th, unless you specifically request otherwise--and if you think it'll increase your chances of posting a story, please, do request.

A giant round of "Congratulation"s, "Well done!"s, and the occasional odd, "Wait, who's a Petrelli?" go out to all our participants who have already completed fics. Completed stories are (and will continue to be) indexed in the memories, alphabetically by fandom Heroes is crossing with.

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FIC: Must Be Thursday (Never got the hang of Thursday) [torchwood]

May. 31st, 2007 | 06:19 pm
posted by: akire_yta in whackapetrelli

Well, it's the 31st here, so I'm posting :) I just realized I wrote down the wrong date - it was the 21st not the 31st. Ummm, consider it a time dilation due to proximity to the Rift! *blush*

Title: Must Be Thursday (Never got the hang of Thursday)
Author: akire_yta
Fandom: Torchwood/Heroes: for the whackapetrelli challenge
Evil!Prompt: During the story, there is a terrible misunderstanding. During the story, a character drinks something they haven't had in a while. The story must have a kraken at the beginning.
Beta-ing: cedara and sarren
Disclaimer: Not mine. If they were, Ianto would loose the suit.
Notes: Hey, that kind of ending worked for ‘String Theory!’ Just imagine other Heroes have their story woven through this, just like in the real Heroes!

Follow the fake cut

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Wonderfalls - May 21 Deadline!

May. 22nd, 2007 | 12:53 am
posted by: entwashian in whackapetrelli

Title: Hello Kitty
Author: entwashian
Rating: PG
Pairings: Jaye/Eric, Mahandra/Aaron
Summary: Jaye's new watch features an anthropomorphic cat. Wacky fun! Also, who is these Peter Petrelli person, and why is he stalking looking for Mahandra?
Warnings: N/A
Disclaimer: It's fanfiction, people.
Author's Notes: Post-series for Wonderfalls, non-specific timeline for Heroes.

I chose the "insane" level prompt (I KNOW, RIGHT?!), which was this: "The story starts during a jailbreak. During the story, someone is mistaken for someone infamous. The story must have a nanny at the end. A character will drink something alcoholic. A character will wake up, and the action has far better results than expected." -- this is probably a better summary than my actual summary...

Hello KittyCollapse )

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Fic: You Don’t Have to Be a Super Hero to Work Here, But It Helps (PG, The Office)

May. 7th, 2007 | 08:03 pm
posted by: mandysbitch in whackapetrelli

Title: You Don’t Have to Be a Super Hero to Work Here, But It Helps
Author: cgb (mandysbitch)
Fandom: The Office
Rating: PG
Characters: Peter, Nathan, Angela Petrelli, and the newest Petrelli - Karen Filippelli. Appearances from all Dunder Mifflin employees.
Author's Notes: Thanks to marinwood again, for being superfast and being into all my fandoms. This is written for the whackapetrelli Inappropriate Petrellis Challenge because every show needs a Petrelli.

And because Filippelli rhymes with Petrelli. Seriously, that's all it took.

Save the receptionist, save the world

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Whackapetrelli Phase Two: Whack Harder!

May. 3rd, 2007 | 03:42 pm
mood: bouncybouncy
posted by: milkshake_b in whackapetrelli

Now that we've got our show back, I think we can all agree we're only missing one thing for true and pure happiness: more Petrellis. So brings us to stage two of our endeavor.

Sign-ups are now re-opened with a new later deadline: three weeks after the finale, all the better to help stave off any "the season is over OMGNOWWHAT?" crazies. (Signed up with the 21st deadline and want to switch? Just drop a line.) If you've been debating signing up, we encourage you to take this as a sign to jump in; if you think you know people who might be interested, we encourage you to take this as a sign to pimp madly, wildly, and with uncontrollable passion, which is generally how more Petrellis come into the world anyway.* The text of our initial announcement is here if you want to steal, fold, spindle, and mutilate any of it, and the banner sits here and longs for your touch.

Our currently potentially represented fandoms list stands at 23:

Covering a wide range of the alphabet....Collapse )

Several very large and currently active fandoms are mysteriously absent from this (SGA, House, and Doctor Who, I am looking at you) making pimping all the more important, for purposes of making us, uh, well-rounded. Yep, well-rounded.

The "ruling the world" thing is mostly an incidental bonus.

* As before, please do not violate community rules and local laws while pimping this challenge. No arrests have resulted from this challenge thus far and we feel this is a good record.

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Apr. 24th, 2007 | 07:29 pm
posted by: imaginarycircus in whackapetrelli

Title: While You Were Out
Author: imaginarycircus
Rating: PG (for mild language and Death)
Pairings: none
Summary: Sylar and Peter fight in Mohinder's apartment, and while Peter is believed to be dead he may actually be having an odd adventure in an alternate universe, one which is flat and balanced on the back of four giant elephants.
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters. Heroes belongs to NBC and the Discworld belongs to Terry Pratchett.
Author's Notes: Oh, gosh. I feel like I should put something friendly here, like, please drop me a reply with feedback, a recipe, a question, or any other communication you would care to share. Especially as I am nervous about going first here! Thank you to copperbadge for the beta read.

The forelock of brown hair landed on the floor in a bloody clump.Collapse )

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Progress Report/Deadline 1!

Apr. 23rd, 2007 | 04:35 am
mood: optimisticoptimistic
posted by: milkshake_b in whackapetrelli

Today is posting day for those noble souls who signed their name for the earlier option (or "please can I switch to second deadline?" day, depending), and probably more importantly the day we finally and blessedly return from Hiatus. Which isn't to say I am not deeply excited by how things are going with the Challenge so far, but priorities are priorities.

Our current list of fandoms that Pretellis may be whacked in stands at the following:

Battlestar Galactica
Dark Angel
Friday Night Lights
Girlmore Girls
Gordon Korman
Mysterious Ways
Queer as Folk
Star Wars
Veronica Mars
Wayne's World

If you've got a fandom you yearn to see up there that isn't represented and you aren't quite insane enough to do yourself, please, go forth and pimp us*. If you like, there's even a nice banner to steal.

* In accordance with individual community rules and local laws. Please do not get arrested pimping this challenge.

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Apr. 2nd, 2007 | 11:09 pm
posted by: milkshake_b in whackapetrelli

If you've read the userinfo and know how this works, just comment below with a few finicky details (for the moderator's evil purposes):

Fandom(s): Pretty much anything you can come up with is fair dibs, including Historical and RPF. We're not limiting how many people can claim a fandom, so don't get greedy, and this isn't considered a lock-in for what you're going to write, so don't be too conservative, but we'd still like you to list the fandom or fandoms you feel it's most likely that you're going to write in. If you stall there and come up with a brilliant idea in another fandom (or three), that's fine, too.

You also get good karmic brownie fairy points for obscure fandoms, which don't really get you anything interesting in the challenge, but are worth a warm glow of self-satisfaction.

Deadline: Choose your own level of ambition! Our very earliest deadline, April 23rd, has passed, but two dates are still offered for your goal-making purposes: the season finale, May 21st, and three weeks later, June 11th, all the better to stave off withdrawal from the summer break.

Totally Optional Prompting: Feeling like you need some further inspiration? When you sign up, just note that you'd like a random, non-fandom idea prompt, indicate your chosen level of masochism about such things, and one will be provided just for you. Completing a fic with this prompt also offers no tangible reward but that warm glow of self-satisfaction.

Even More Optional Karmic Brownie Points: Think you might be willing to offer up beta-ing help for this thing? Go here and leave a comment. Note that signing up doesn't require volunteering to beta, but interestingly, volunteering to beta doesn't require signing up, either.

Sign-Ups will remain open for the length of the challenge, so you can theoretically toss your hat into the ring the day before the final challenge, if you're gifted with truly last-minute inspiration. However, signing up is the key to the coveted, shiny, and probably vaguely important gift of posting access, so earlier is generally better.

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Posting Format

Apr. 2nd, 2007 | 11:07 pm
posted by: milkshake_b in whackapetrelli

While we'd sooner not be too picky about these things, for the sake of making everything easy to follow--not to mention easy for the mods to index--we ask that you use the following guidelines or something close to them for posting.

All "fandom" fields are for the fandom(s) other than Heroes itself.

Subject: Title, Rating, Fandom

Post Header:
Rating: PG - NC-17
Pairings: If any.
Summary: A neglected and dying art, the summary. Weep for its tragic decline in western civilization.
Warnings: Be nice. If Sylar is in it, we might assume someone's brains are getting eaten, but if there's a loving description of the texture of those brains as they're chewed and whether they go best with red wine or white, a discreet "graphic content" would be much appreciated.
Disclaimer: Another neglected and dying art, the disclaimer, while once a fine tradition, has fallen into disrepute and disrepair.
Author's Notes: If you've got any, this is where they go.

Your fic itself should be placed behind an lj-cut for everyone's ease. If you're posting a fic with more than one part, please note that and do your best to see the parts get linked up, as only part one will go in the memories. (And don't worry about a full header on later parts if you're linking it to the first part--just note the title, author, and rating there and you're good to go.)

You are also strongly encouraged to get your fic beta'd before posting. We know that betas are often ellusive, wiley, and shy creatures in the wild, so we've got a post here containing some tamed ones.

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Beta Resources

Apr. 2nd, 2007 | 11:03 pm
posted by: milkshake_b in whackapetrelli

Looking for a beta? Check the comments below to see if anyone's volunteered for a fandom you're working in. There's also heroes_betas for Heroes-specific betas, and beta_readers and beta_search for betas in general.

Remember to ask nicely. Even semi-tamed betas have nasty big pointy teeth. (The moderators make no claims that volunteer betas have had all their shots.)

Willing to be a beta? Comment below listing the fandoms you think you can work with. Don't be afraid to be too obscure; you never know who might have a brilliant idea in something you're not used to seeing fic written for.

Know of a beta resource we should be listing? If you know of other general beta comms or beta comms for specific fandoms, let us know and we'll add them above.

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